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An interactive media installation in public space. Premiere was at the Klanglichtfestival in Graz October 25 – 27, 2023 in collaboration with Michael Strohmann, who designed the sounds and interactive technology. 18 LED RGB spots, 3 LED scanners, 8 loudspeakers, a computer, two video cameras and a lot of cables. The realization was made possible with the help of Holger Lang, who made his Sternstudio gallery available to me for the weeks-long preparation phase.

The space: a 13 meter long passageway at the Karmeliterplatz in Graz at the foot of the Schloßberg. Lightinstallation: 13 different impressionistic color presets slowly alternate with each other. The low-angle position of the LED spots create big shadows of the passers-by on the opposite wall. Additional spots in different colors create more colored shadows.Three scanner project moving spots on the ceiling in corresponding colors, now and then they meet in the middle of the opposite wall waiting to be „touched“. This „touch“ then triggers their upward movement. At the same moment, the flapping of birds‘ wings can be heard. The soundscape consists of frog, insect and owl voices that react to the presence of people.


– a video- and lightinstallation by MUTUAL LOOP (Holger Lang and Martina Tritthart) from May to June 2022 in the the ‚Red Carpet Showroom‘ in public space at Karlsplatz Vienna featured by Künstlerhaus.

With the help of Bernhard Meißnitzer and the team of Künstlerhaus: Pete Gmachl, Vinzent Cibulka and Gerald Roßbacher.

Trains, buses, cars, bicycles and pedestrians meet over several levels at one of Vienna’s busiest transport hubs. In addition, trees, meadows, flower beds and bodies of water invite you to linger, rest and dream. The contrast between urban movement and the relaxing power of nature can hardly be greater than in this place. Video loops on spatially arranged screens and a slowly running light sequence pick up on these opposites and continue them reflected in the showroom. Vehicles move through the city in patterns that always appear to be the same, along lanes and lane markings. Bushes and trees, in turn, create counterpoints in the visual composition. A red line not only leads through the underpass, it also connects the street with a virtual undergrowth in which a stylized jungle also dissolves into shapes and structures. The question of a confrontation between the challenges of traffic in the urban environment and nature itself, as a synonym for a possible different way to each other, is discussed and negotiated aesthetically in this work. However, it is not about presenting a simplified position on either city or country, on traffic or forest, but about presenting what connects and complements each other.


A 3 channel -videoinstallation by MUTUAL LOOP (Holger Lang and Martina Tritthart) for „Fission, The New Wave of International Digital Art“ exhibition from 30 April – 31 August 2022 in Guizhou Provincial Museum, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang, Guizhou, China

curated by Birgitta Hosea

14 minutes loop of 3 video & 6 Audio channels


was a participatory project by MUTUAL LOOP (Holger Land, Martina Tritthart) including two guided tours in public space in Vienna with 12 visitors on November 15, 2021 during the VIENNA ART WEEK. The route and its stations starting from Sternstudio Gallery in Vienna: Mayergasse, Czerningasse, Passage Czerningasse 7-9, Praterstraße, Rotensterngasse, Weintraubengasse, Renzhof, Zirkusgasse, Novaragasse, Praterstraße, Mayergasse

The tour included an examination of the cultural history of the 2nd district around Praterstraße and visits to artistic trades. In the Sternstudio gallery, pictures of the people named in the tour, historical events and buildings as well as specialist literature on them could be seen. In addition, the films presented during the tour could be seen again on a monitor.

In addition to a kind of double conference between the guest artist Anat Stainberg and organizer Martina Tritthart, the tour included a mobile projection unit with a projector and battery, as well as a small trolley operated by Holger Lang. For each of the alleys, streets and squares mentioned above, there were detailed reports and stories about well-known personalities who used to live here, were born or died here. Above all, the lively culture and circus scene in the 19th century around the Carlstheater and the Renz circus as well as numerous smaller theatres, variety shows and cafés was the subject of these tours. At selected stations, short animated films were projected onto the facades of houses, the content of which was related to the respective location. The participants received laser pointers and instructions to trace certain images from memory. In addition to the conversations, further communicative dynamics emerged. The discussions were then continued in depth in the Sternstudio gallery.


A participatory light- and video intervention : Drawing an outline, a figure, a shape, a contour with light, describing a relationship between architecture, the surroundings and people in the context of this event with the possibility to interact. A performance during „Der blöde dritte Mittwoch“ curated by Anat Stainberg in the Halle of Steinergasse 8, June 16th 2021. Duration 30 min

From line to surface to space, here and now and in process and in three chapters:

1. Sitespecific film inscribed in space

2. Audioreactive interactive animation in space

3. waving good-bye with translucent foil, wind and pulsating lights


Stillstand ist eine Installation für einen Raum in der Galerie Frise im FRISE Künstlerhaus im Rahmen der Ausstellung „Geht´s noch? Weiter?“ Mutual loop / Martina Tritthart / Holger Lang 14. – 16. Februar 2020 in Hamburg.


Documentation of the Performance in Fluc January 30th Foto © Abdulrab Habibyar

Performance mit Anat Stainberg und Martina Tritthart

2 LED-Linsenscheinwerfer, 4 LED-PAR Scheinwerfer, Stative, 1 Akku-LED-Scheinwerfer, Talkum, Videoinstallation (Videoloop)

  • In der Kubatur des Kabinetts – Der Kunstsalon im Fluc zeigt „Reaching for the stars“ 30. Jänner 2019 21:00 Uhr
  • RAW MATTERS #69 „Ein ungeschliffener Tanz- und Performanceabend“ im Spektakel am 18. Februar 2019 19:30 Uhr

Licht selbst ist nicht sichtbar, es wird reflektiert, wenn es auf einen Körper fällt, selbst wenn es kleine Staub-Partikel sind, die dem Licht ein Volumen geben. Es entsteht ein Moment der Erhabenheit, der in jenen, die das ästhetische Lichtspiel beobachten, Assoziationen von Milchstraße oder Spiralnebeln hervorrufen. So wie die winzigen Staubpartikel der Lichtquelle zufliegen zu scheinen, so streben auch wir Menschen nach Ansehen, Ruhm und Glanz, die sich vielleicht einen kurzen Moment lang einstellen, bevor sie wieder verfliegen, wie Rauchwolken oder Nebelfetzen, und winzige glitzernde Teilchen zurück lassen, die mit der Zeit verblassen und als Staub herabfallen. Anat Stainberg und Martina Tritthart experimentieren mit Staub, Licht, Projektion, Körpereinsatz und Worten.