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IN-SIDE-OUT is part of the project SOLARIS curated by Mehr Licht in Graz, Schlossbergstollen-Galerie. Based on the novel by Stanislav Lem „In-Side-Out“ questions the alien in ourselve. „In-Side-Out“ is a dynamic light installation that stages the oscillations of light and sound. IN-SIDE-OUT, dimension 3 x 2,5 x 30 meter, is a project by mutual loop (Martina Tritthart & Holger Lang) at the Schlossbergstollen-Galerie GRAZ,  July 31st 2020 – March 2021

A tube of vibrating lines within a tunnel that has no visible end is a metaphor for diving into the ocean of the unconscious, into the secrets of our own identity, in which we become strange and eerie to ourselves. The path into the unknown and unexplored within our souls can only be taken slowly. The whole picture will never be fully visible. Like a dark sun, the far end of the corridor reflects the transition into what is hidden inside the world that we know. Light and matter lead us into the depth of the mountain and at the same time into the depth of memories of our adventures, experiences and the impressions that we have gathered. We stretch a bright thread that can figuratively bring us from the underground back to the daylight of our consciousness. This connection builds the tunnel that links us with the hidden, with the darkness and the mysterious inside us.


Die Installation „Schleifensache II“ ist ein gemeinsames Projekt von Martina Tritthart und Holger Lang (Mutual Loop) für den ASIFAKEIL im Museumsquarier Wien, von 16. 6. – 17.7. 2020

Das Universum leuchtet aus seiner dunklen Ecke. Ein Winkel fällt in sich selbst zurück und schliesst einen Kreis an Mutationen, Variationen und Wandlungen. Über das sich spiegelnde und brechende Licht faltet sich ein konkreter Ort in eine Serie an flüchtigen Bildern und fliessenden Eindrücken. Abstrakte Muster tasten sich entlang der Grenzen des Projektionsraums. Schleifensache II ist die nächste Stufe einer Zusammenarbeit, in welcher intuitiv auf eine Raumsituation eingegangen wird.


Die Installation „Schleifensache“ ist ein gemeinsames Projekt von Martina Tritthart und Holger Lang (Mutual Loop) für den Hauptraum der Galerie Frise im Rahmen der Ausstellung „Geht´s noch? Weiter?“ von 14. – 16. Februar 2020 in Hamburg im FRISE Künstlerhaus.


небесные огни, NE TEMNO #8

Undarkfestival, Jekaterinburg, Russia 21 – 22. December 2019 curated by Evgenia Niktina, Cultural Transit Foundation

Skylight, mutual loop, Undarkfestival 2019, Foto: Martina Tritthart © 2019

This building, or what is remaining of it, with its steel grid is reminding of the architectural period of Constructivism, which still has a presence in Jekaterinburg. When considering this viewing platform the „Wolkenbügel“ from 1925, El Lissitzkys so-called Cloud irons, comes to mind. For Holger Lang and Martina Tritthart this edifice can work as a silent observer of the history, of the arts, and of the city, collecting and condensing the hopes and dreams of the people. In the project of Mutual Loop this building will turn into „Sky-Lights“, simultaneously functioning as a beacon, as a horizontal lighthouse, and a spatial movie. The structure of the building becomes the structure of the film. White light turns into colors and vice versa, framed in a temporal and varying loop.The inside irradiates to the outside and the concrete turns abstract.