das raum- licht- u. medienlabor von martina tritthart


s[a]it{life} by mutual loop

 „On The Road Again“ International Call of the Federal Ministry Republic of Austria and Austrian Culturual Forums – Mutual Loop (Martina Tritthart & Holger Lang) is winner with the project s[a]it{life} for Bucharest.Exhibition of the project ON THE ROAD AGAIN with all artists and projects in Künstlerhaus Vienna from February 18th until May 21st 2023. Curated by Simon Mraz and Christian Helbock, assisted by Oksana Kornitska. More details: Künstlerhaus/On the Road Again.

Our partners

Austrian Cultural forum Bucharest

CNDB – The National Center for Dance Bucharest

Iosif and Aurora Kiraly, Ana and Sever Petrovici-Popescu, Ina-Alice Danila and many more

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