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@ Sala Omnia Bucharest – a project by mutual loop

 „On The Road Again“ International Call of the Federal Ministry Republic of Austria and Austrian Culturual Forums – Winner with this project for Bucharest.

Our partners

Austrian Cultural forum Bucharest

CNDB – The National Center for Dance Bucharest

Iosif Kiraly, Sever Petrovici-Popescu, Ina-Alice Danila and many more

The project was conducted in three stages which took place in Bucharest:
April 2022 – research and location scouting, getting to know people and the city
April – August: finalizing preferred location, communication with everyone involved, collecting contributions from our local collaborators, preparation and organization of needed material and equipment
August 2022 – OMISSION POSSIBLE = actual installation project on site – collaboration with partners
Starting in approx. August 11 with 2 weeks of preparations on site
August 26 – 28: Several days intervention – open to public
Vovember 2022 – presentation of documentation, reflection, outcomes, etc. planned in a gallery in Bucharest.

Omission Possible

August 26th – August 28th 2022 Guided Tours at 8:30 pm and 9:30pm

Artists were contributing with recordings of Bucharest, which we  could use for our videoinstallations, but some also worked on site and presented new artworks related to Sala Omnia in our exhibition with the title OMISSION POSSIBLE.

Participating artists:

Tavi Anghelus, Ina-Alice Danila, Diana Draghici, Aurora Kiraly, Iosif Kiraly, Denise Lobont, Mara Maracinescu, Amalia Mititileu, Irina Motroc, Diana Paun, Ana Petrovici-Popescu, Sever Petrovici-Popescu, Elena Preda, Angelica Stan, Teodora Tudose, Valentin Teodoreanu, X-Art Collective, Bela Zoltan