p r o j e c t s

since june 2004
objekt für euklid II,
object for visual percepetion
at the museum of perception rohrbach /upper austria,
artists: martina tritthart, roman bönsch.
invited by raum&designstrategien/kunstuniversität linz for villa sinnenreich, rohrbach, OÖ

digi beta, 17min
a documentary by martina tritthart
hildebrand prett was a doctor, member of the nsdap and my grandfather. between 1938 and 1945 he lived with his family in vordernberg, a small town near the mountain erzberg in styria. in may 1945 he committed suicide together with his girlfriend edith. my grandmother erika prett tells the story about this part of her life, while scenes from private 8mm-films, taken by my grandparents, emphasize the idealized image of the past. the video has for theme the private explanation of the things that have happened in context of history. erika was only interested in the sake of her family-life and felt betrayed not only by her husband but also by society. however hildebrand remains in her remembrance a hero. erika refused to perceive the horror of the nazi-tyranny, although cautiously she makes mention of dead bodies of people, that had to walk to mauthausen and therefore passed vordernberg.

since october 2001
20 years WUK / façade,
in may 2001 entries to the ”lighting design competition 20 years wuk / façade” were invited on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the wuk association for culture and workshops.
a new lighting-design and inscription on the historic façade of the industrial building from the 19th century in währingerstrasse 59 in vienna were required.
our lighting concept won the 1st prize and was realized. it is divided in three installations that were ment to react on the dynamics of the perception of the façade situated in a narrow and busy street in order to attract passers-by. powered by mutual loop.
in december 2002 this project was nominated for the first european light trophy / elec light premiere in paris.

april 2000 - november 2001
schatz im berg
fairy tales, myths and wonders of the alps
"der berg ruft!"-exhibition in altenmarkt/salzburg
a mutual loop project including architecture, lighting design, video, animation, photography, textile art and stage design .

march 1999
fata morgana,
a metaphor for cinema
at the moviemento-cinema in linz,
with alexandra brandl, sculptor, and jakob scheid, designer, and martina tritthart, media, spatial design.
powered by mutual loop.

september 1998
interferenzen (interference)
, a metaphor for theatre
at the drachengasse-theatre in vienna,
with juergen heidenreich, stage designer, performance, and peter kaizar, composer, sound installation, and martina tritthart, spatial design, media installations.

ein schiff wird...3.33
, beta sp, 4min
a video by martina tritthart
3.33 minutes the different sounds of water from its spring to the sea.
3.33 minutes watching a female body moving to these sounds in light
and space.
The colors yellow- red- blue used like filter accentuate the feeling of longing.

zeitraum (time space)
, digi beta, 18min
a documentary by martina tritthart
- from real to imaginary space.
- shifting from built to ephemeral architecture demonstrated on the development of viennese cinematographs in 100 years this is a kind of essay-documentary about viennese cinemas, but mainly it is a piece that deals with spaces and imagination; it was part of my thesis for my architecture-studies.