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spacelab – raumlabor

this website is a forum for everyone with a particular theoretical and/or practical interest in space and (visual) perception in the fields of culture, art, architecture, media and philosophy.

trained as an architect I am naturally interested to find the ultimate definition of space. formerly I was convinced that (architectural) spaces are material bounded capacities, designed, constructed and built. today I believe that the question of space is equally the question of reality.

spaces develop from a kind of relationship. space is a situation, an inner-reality, to be experienced, rather than to be discussed. living space means a kind of being in a particular situation. it consists not only of one space, but also of an endless continuum of spaces.
I have realized that space and being cannot be looked at separately, on the contrary. beholder, the view of something and the object looked at form an integrated whole.

by using different media as instruments the perception of space has changed. especially video offers the opportunity to look at a very subjective section of reality that is often directed by accident. in combination with a concept or structure that allows coincidence to happen space gets its form during a process.
men as the measure of all things and body language are also part of my reflection on space.
I have a specific interest in videoart as a frontier-crossing instrument to develop sensitivity for the different ways looking at human behavior.

imagination creates new spaces in the mind of the spectator and those spaces can only be manipulated to a certain extent. I believe that the quality of my work lies in the in-between spaces, the freedom to make ones own subjective decision.

martina tritthart

24.12.1965 born in graz, austria
I have studied architecture at the university of technology in graz and graduated in 1996 with the video-project ”timespace”.
since then I have started my career as an artist, whose interests lies in architecture, avant-gard-film and video and any kind of mixed media.
I have worked with several architects, at theatres and international festival organizations like Viennale (international filmfestival vienna), Diagonale (austrian filmfestival graz), Im Puls Tanz (international dancefestival vienna) and as a freelance.
in 1999 I have founded mutual loop artist cooperation, an association to realize frontier crossing art projects.

since august 1999 I am teaching at the university of technology in graz at the department for spatial design.

since november 2003 I am teaching at the university of art in linz at the department for space&designstrategies in the staff of
prof. elsa prochazka.

I have started working with video in 1992. although material and results are not comparable I like to see the process of making a video like painting with shots. my interest for this art form was nurtured by the work of Van McElwee.
my videography includes experimental short films, documentaries and visuals.
a selection:
enter 1995, zeitraum (timespace) 1996, ein schiff wird...3.33 (color of water) 1997, hildebrand/vordernberg 2002

I am organizing and programming various film- and video shows at different locations, cinemas and theatres in vienna, lunz/see, st.pölten and st.louis.

I prefer creating specific interior solutions for interesting spaces. I have designed installations always in cooperation with other artists: filmmakers, musicians, actors, sculptors, photographers and many more.
a selection:
interferenzen (interference), a metaphor for theatre at the drachengasse-theatre in vienna, september 1998 in cooperation with Peter Kaizar, composer – sound installation and Juergen Heidenreich, stage designer – performance
I designed the media-installation fata morgana, a metaphor for cinema at the moviemento-cinema in linz, march 1999 in cooperation with Alexandra Brandl, sculptor and Jakob Scheid, designer, powered by mutual loop.
”schatz im berg” (treasure of the mountain) is part of the alpin-expo ”der berg ruft” (the mountain is calling) has been made in commission for the tourism-federation of salzburg from april 2000 – open until november 2001 in altenmarkt-salzburg.
a mutual loop-project including architecture, stage design, video, animation, photography, textile art and lighting design.

lighting design:
WUK, facade währingerstrasse
another mutual loop project together with roman bönsch
nominated for light premiere/ elec 2002
prix de la premiere oeuvre,